Winking Owl: Is It Worth The Money?

Winking Owl: Is It Worth The Money?

Now I may not be a wine connoisseur, but I know good wine when I taste it.

So I wanted to know more about the Winking Owl: Is It Worth The Money? and the answer is Yes 

Winking Owl ,a brand that is specific to ALDI is hands down the best wine I’ve tried for under three dollars ($2.89 to be exact.) When I saw that it was so cheap I got insanely curious to try it. Between my mom and I, we picked these four the Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, Merlot and the Moscato just for a bit of variety. Also each bottle of wine is made in the U.S, specifically California.

I will be ranking each bottle of wine from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

White Zinfandel

Notes– Subtle flavors of cranberry and watermelon flavors with notes of fresh strawberry and cherry.

Taste– By far my favorite of the four. It’s sweet without being too sweet if you know what I mean. You can taste the subtleness of the cranberry as well as the strawberries. Great for a girls night in, or if you spend a lot of time alone like I do a bottle of this will do the trick.

Best Paired With– Salad, Spicy Asian and Latin Cuisines

Overall Score– 10/10


Notes– Delightful flavors of ripe citrus, apricot and peach

Taste– This is definitely a dessert wine! Its sweet with a slight kick, I can’t put my finger on it but I think there’s a bit of orange or lime in the mix. I paired this with some mini lemon bits and I was in love. You should totally try this Moscato with mini lemon bites it is life changing.

Best Paired With– Spicy cuisine, light cheeses and desserts

Overall Score– 10/10

Pinot Grigio

Notes– Subtle flavors of citrus, stone fruits, pear, and a hint of honeysuckle

Taste– Now I can say for sure that you will taste more citrus than fruit in this bottle. Its semi-dry so if that’s not your thing I would recommend skipping this one. Honestly I’ve had better Pinot Grigio, but for the price I’m not upset. I just wish I could’ve tasted more of the pear and honeysuckle.

Best Paired With– Grilled Salmon, and Creamy Pasta

Overall Score– 6/10


Notes– Subtle flavors of black cherry, mixed berries, and a hint of vanilla

Taste– First I’ll say this wine is dry which I didn’t mind. I’m not a big fan of red wines, however I decided to try it anyway per my mom’s suggestion. I could taste the cherry for sure and maybe some raspberries, cant quite put my finger on it just yet, but the overall taste is very smooth. Its not my favorite, but it was worth trying.

No need to chill this one its best at room temperature.

Also I recommend not going overboard with this one, a little bit goes a LONG way!

Best Paired With– Steak, Pork and pasta

Overall Score– 5/10

My overall favorites would be the Moscato and the White Zinfandel for the simple reason that they are a bit more sweet and can easy be paired with just about any meal or dessert.

My mom was not a big fan of the Pinot Grigio or the Merlot either, she made sure that I pointed that out *lol*

Have you tried any wine by the Winking Owl? If so, which your favorite?




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