White Shirt+Velvet Skirt

white shirt velvet skirt

white shirt and velvet skirt


I’m giving you major 70s vibes with this look with this white shirt and velvet skirt combo, which came together completely by accident. A family friend asked if I wanted to go through some of her clothes and pick what I wanted. When I first picked up this red velvet skirt I thought “No way, this looks like something my mom would wear”, but I took a chance and grabbed it anyway. Its a bit big hence the belt. I then paired it with this oversized men’s button down that I was about to give away. Glad I decided to keep it!

If you want a review on this curly wig holla at ya girl! It’s super affordable.

White Shirt (Thrift Store)//Shoes(Ami Club wear)//Necklaces (Walmart)//Sunglasses//Handbag(Ross)

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