Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up #6

Hey guys!
Long time no see. I’ve been super stressed with school work. 2 presentations and a paper (Where’s a glass of wine when you need it?)
Any who, the semester is almost over and I can FINALLY relax..

I thought I would share with you some of the things I’ve been loving this week also known as my “Weekly Round Up

oversized handbagI’ve been super obsessed with oversized handbags lately. Perfect to just throw all of the things I don’t need. Am I the only one who puts everything I own in my purse? lol

asos coats

I found these two while browsing on Asos and instantly became obsessed! The oversized trench coat seems to be a big hit this fall/winter. This will definitely be on my Christmas wish list. I hope not on Santa’s naughty list lol

once upon a time

I just started watching this show about 2-3 weeks ago on Netflix and I’m hooked surprisingly (I’m on season 2 now) I finally have a reason to actually use Netflix now

bedtime yoga

Yoga in bed is like the best thing ever. Like I told you in my What I Do to Stay Healthy post I hate to work out & doing yoga sometimes feels like an actual workout *sigh*. Its something about doing simple stretches in bed that makes me sleep a whole lot better.

See Womens Health Mag For my fav bedtime yoga

Disclaimer: Most of the photos were found on Pinterest

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below

See ya soon





  1. I really like that oversized bag! I’ve been looking for a new one big enough for me to just throw things into. I’ve also been looking for a new show to watch seeing as everything I already watch has ended. Looking forward to giving this one a go!

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