Weekly Round Up #3

It’s Friday once again. Whew this week went by pretty fast! I’m kinda glad this week is over, but I still have to work this weekend 🙁 I vote to stay in bed and watch Netflix all weekend! All in favor say I!
 Any who I’m back again with another Weekly Round Up First up…
Thigh high boots – Its not even cold yet and I’m already wearing thigh high boots. Its like instant sexiness in a boot lol if that makes any type of sense. If you don’t have a pair of thigh highs in your closet girl go get you some and thank me later!

thigh high boots

Faux Fur Jackets– Here’s how I would describe this jacket in 3 words. BOMB DOT COM! Don’t you agree? I want one in every color. Side note: If your in the market for one of these jackets EBay has similar ones for less than $30.

faux fur jacket

Feng Shui– I’ve really been into creating positive vibes throughout my house and just in general. I just found this book yesterday and I’ve been hooked!  This page specifically talks about how to create your own energy field. (I’ll be doing a blog post soon all about Feng Shui)  If you’re looking for a great book on Feng Shui, check out Feng Shui Your Life  by Jayme Barrett.

feng shui

Did you watch Scandal last night? Omg if you didn’t you are missing out! Jake looks better than ever, Millie looks a HOT MESS, and a little birdy told me that Harrison may not be dead *GASPS*  Guess we’ll have to stay tuned and find out. I’m super excited for next weeks episode. I have my wine and snacks ready!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks Weekly Round Up! What’s one thing you’ve been loving this week? Did you watch last nights episode of Scandal? What did you think?
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See ya soon!



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