Turmeric Detox Balance and Slim Chai te review

Turmeric Detox Balance and Slim Chai Tea Review

Turmeric Detox Balance and Slim Chai Tea Review

Turmeric Detox Balance and Slim Chai Tea Review

Turmeric Detox Balance and Slim Chai Tea review

If you missed Tuesday’s post I talked about a few things I picked up from Ross and I mentioned that I would be reviewing both the Turmeric Detox Balance tea as well as the Turmeric Slim Chai tea that I bought in the checkout line.

I will be rating each product from 1-10. 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.

Turmeric Detox Balance and Slim Chai Tea Review

Benefits of Turmeric

  • Natural antibiotic
  • Natural antiseptic
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • And many more

Turmeric Detox Balance is suppose to relieve temporary water gain.

It’s main purpose is to support the body’s natural process of gentle detoxification it all supports healthy liver function. Nettle leaf is known to be a natural mild diuretic so that you feel less bloated.

*Caffeine free


  • Organic Turmeric root
  • Peppermint leaf
  • Nettle leaf
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Fennel seed
  • Ginger rhizome
  • Lemon peel

Thoughts: This tea is a winner in my book, not only did it help with bloating I lost 3 lbs in water weight! I don’t recommend you take this daily only because you will have to go to the bathroom often.

Also it is important that you drink plenty of water after you drink this tea. You want to replenish your water intake so that you don’t cramp. I didn’t have this problem, but I just want to forewarn you.

As for the taste I really enjoy it. You can definitely taste the Turmeric but that’s not a big deal for me. Add a splash of lemon juice, some cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey and you’re good to go!

I will be using the detox balance for those days when I feel extra bloated and when “Aunt Flow” wants to make her monthly visit.

Overall 10/10

Next up, Turmeric Slim Chai Tea

It encourages energy, strength and metabolism. Can also be a substitute for coffee. This does have quite a bite of caffeine in it so if you are caffeine sensitive I would suggest not buying it.


  • Holy basil leaf
  • Pu-erh leaf
  • Turmeric root
  • Cardamom seed
  • Ginger rhizomes
  • Fennel seed

Thoughts: I haven’t seen any major differences since using this tea, however I do feel a difference in my energy levels when I drink this. I also feel more hungry than usual maybe that is my metabolism kicking into high gear, who knows.

I will have to update you guys on this in the future. As for the taste it’s pretty good! I personally like to add lemon juice, cinnamon and a squirt of honey (my go to flavor enhancers) just for added flavor.

Directions for each tea

  1. Steep for 8-10 mins with a lid covering your cup squeeze the bag and lemon and honey if you choose and enjoy
  2. Keeping a lid on the tea preserves the natural flavors and health benefits. An important step to get the maximum benefit.

Each of these retail for $4.29 which is a great deal. PLUS they are Gluten free and Vegan friendly.

Have you tried Turmeric tea?



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