Top 5 weight loss questions

Top 5 Weight Loss Questions

I have gotten a few questions regarding my weight loss journey, the most common ones seem to be how long did it take for me to lose the weight and how did I do it. So I’m here to answer those questions today.

Top 5 Weight Loss Questions

Disclaimer: This is what worked for me. I by no means am a fitness expert or “guru” use this information at your own discretion.

How long did it take for me to lose the weight and how did I lose the weight?

I would say it took me about 8 months to a year to actually lose the weight. It was more of a lifestyle thing for me. I didn’t do any fad diets or take pills, I just made a conscious decision every day to work on myself mentally and physically. Most of my weight loss is attributed to eating clean and healthy meals. They say the body is made in the kitchen and it’s so true!

Once I started watching what I ate and actually eating a proper breakfast (not a big breakfast fan) the weight started to fall off. I meal prepped for about the first 3 months and after that I no longer needed to because I had disciplined myself to eat the things I enjoy without over doing it. Overall I was more conscious about what I was putting in my body and that made a major difference.

How often do I exercise?

To be honest I didn’t exercise much for the first three months, I’m lazy when it comes to exercise, however I quickly realized that I needed to if I was going to see real results. So I started taking my dog for a walk on a daily basis at least one mile. 

What types of food do I eat?

My most asked question. I typically ate a lot of oatmeal, avocado’s, salmon, tilapia, broccoli, brown rice, couscous occasionally, zucchini, eggs, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, salads, jalapeños, sweet potatoes, soup, baked chicken, kale, almonds, lots of smoothies etc. but mostly lots of fruits and veggies.

My vegetables usually covered over 1/3 of my plate and I’ll have a small piece of salmon or chicken which are my go to for protein. I snacked on things like granola, yogurt, smoothies and things of that nature. I posted a grocery store haul featuring some of my favorite foods, you can find that post here 

Also, DRINK WATER and lots of it I can’t stress this enough. If you’re not a fan of water add some lemon juice or blueberries to it. JUST DRINK IT! Green tea is a favorite of mine as well, it helps with metabolism and it just tastes really good.

Did I use any supplements?

Although I did not use any pills or protein powders, I will admit I did use a laxative called three ballerina green tea twice a month to help get rid of the toxins my body was storing. I don’t recommend this if you don’t have a problem with Bowel movements. 

What was my starting weight and how much do I weigh now?

I started at 255 pounds and as of right now I weigh 206. The lowest I’ve weighed on this journey is 198 so I gained back 8 pounds. I normally range between 200 and 208 


top 5 weight loss questions


top 5 weight loss questions

top 5 weight loss questions

Those are my top 5 weight loss questions answered. I hope that answered some of your questions, if you have anymore questions leave a comment below. Or if you want to talk more in depth you can email me by filling out your information in the contact section.




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    Yeah lately I’ve gained weight and I was wondering how can I reach my goal

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      I’m glad I could help!

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