Stylin’ on a Budget

Happy Monday Everyone!

If you guys are anything like me you LOVE to save money. Every piece of clothing I own I either bought on sale or at the thrift store.  The main reason is because my current job doesn’t pay well enough for me to splurge like I want to.  (My mom always calls me cheap because I won’t pay more than $20 for a shirt haha) Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Am I right?  Even with a tight budget I still manage find cute clothes without breaking the bank. I’m amazed at myself at all of the cute things I find sometimes.  What stores do you find the best deals at?

 *Each complete outfit is under $35.

Outfit #1


Sundress: A local discount store $7.99 (I attempted to do a DIY spaghetti strap sundress, but I’m still working on it as you can see )



Cross body bag: Thrift store $3.99



Shoes: AMI Club wear on sale $18.99



 Outfit #1 Total… $31

Outfit #2


Button down blouse: Thrift store $4.99



Shoes: Rainbow $9.99…Who knew this store had cute shoes?




Shorts: Wal-Mart $3.99 (I bought them last winter)

*Same Cross body bag as the previous outfit. I absolutely love this bag!

Outfit #2 Total…$20

I hope you guys enjoyed!

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