Rainy Day Ready [GUEST POST]

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I’m just gonna come out and say it: this post isn’t about boots, or patterned umbrellas, or cute rain coats. Brittany’s got that all under control. I don’t delve much into beauty or fashion, but being broke and black? I’m alllll about that life! So when Brittany, aka The Broke Black Chick, called for guest writers, I was all over it!

Most of us have heard this line before. Granny, Mom, Dad, professors, BuzzFeed, and financial advisors alike, all tell us we should be “saving up for a rainy day.”

“Don’t spend everything!” they say,

“Something might happen,” they say,

“You want to be prepared,” they say.

And you tell them you know. You know, you know, you know!

But in a sense, Granny & ‘em is right: you want to have a little something saved up for those rainy days.

 Now, before you go all Sunshine-Anderson-Heard-It-All-Before on me, consider this: Money isn’t the only thing that can be spent. When I say “save,” I don’t mean monetary funds, and a forecaster can’t predict the type of rain I’m referring to. I’m talking about the type of rain that falls on your spirit and dampens your whole day.

One thing is certain: the rain will come. You will have days when you just don’t, just can’t, and just won’t. Nothing feels right, you’re gloomy, moody, angry, and prepared to live out every rap song on your weight-lifting playlist (Knuck if You Buck anyone?)

When you’re having those burnt breakfast, late-to-work, angry-boss, forgot-your-lunch, phone-is-dying, wet sock, I-still-love-him-but-he’s-moved-on, type of days, consider my list of things you can save up in preparation for the rain.

1. Save a smile – or better yet, save two; one for a stranger and one for you. (Literally jus had a “poet and I didn’t know it” moment. I’m leaving it there. Nope, no regrets. It stays.) Seriously though, save that smile for someone, anyone. You never know who will need it in that moment. And you never know what you’ll get in return.

More importantly, save a smile for you. Yes, you. Walk up to your reflection, look her in the eye and bare all 32! Keep smiling until your eyes and heart believe what your molars are screaming from the back seat of your mouth: all is well, it will be okay, you are beautiful—from the tips of your toes to the top of your head—Beautiful!

I’m serious; smile until you can hear your molars. Smile until you believe (insert whimsy star emoji here).

2. Save time – Time is so precious and invaluable. And you, wonderful you, are the best person to spend it on. When the clouds of life darken and everything seems dim and damp, schedule a break, reserve some you time. I try to take mine in short doses every day. I reserve ten post-workout minutes for me and the sauna every weekday morning. It is amazing what 10 minutes of me can do for my day.

3. Save that text! You better believe when I get a random, awesome, sweet text, I screenshot it. Whether it’s from your best friend or your boyfriend or your mom or your coworker; if it tickles the pit of your tummy, save it. If it makes you smile like an idiot in while you’re in line at the bank—screenshot! For example: a text message from my cousin’s mom:

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When the world has me convinced I’m worthless, I remember I’m “amazingly, awesomely, astonishingly gorgeous” and the whole world is “blessed to know such a woman!”

4. Save those words: Whether it’s from the Bible or your favorite song, there’s always that quote that brings the realness. Sometimes it doesn’t apply to your life at the moment. Jot it down and save it. I don’t subscribe to coincidence; words have a way of resurfacing right when you need them. If you saw it, heard it, or read it, and it touched you. Write. It. Down.

5. Save that idea: Here’s an idea, save an idea! Whatever tickles your fancy, save it. If you’re a shopaholic savvy shopper, save a list of things that you can afford to buy. Make a cheap, affordable wish list. When the rain rolls in, buy a thing or two off your cheap wish list. (Like the lipstick I bought on Saturday!) If you bake, save a list of recipe’s that you couldn’t frown while making if you tried (like these cute baby owl cupcakes!) If you like DIY’s save a few quick pick-me-up projects on your Pinterest. If you like adventure, save a spot that you’d like to visit. (Bonus points if you spend that you-time you on your excursion.)

 7. Save a song: Maybe you need a song to tune out the rain. Maybe you need a song to make you face it head on. Maybe you need a song to play while you dance in the down. Hopeless, by Dionne Farris can get me to cry out almost any situation. So much nostalgia in three minutes and twenty-four seconds. Seriously feels like a sun shower in my soul. My feelings just cannot. Make your music work for you. Save a playlist to cry it out, work it out, feel it out, and block it out. 


Bonus Tip Investing: The ROI: If you’re a finance geek, you know that ROI stands for return on investment. If you’re not, like me, you know that Google can supply the answer to almost any question. Simply put, to get the ROI, you divide the benefit of the investment by the cost of the investment. Long lesson short: invest in others! Make an investment in someone else by planting a seed. You’ll get an incredible return on your investment. It will cost you next to nothing to be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with. This Thanksgiving, I got the most awesome text  from my friend, Angelina (which I saved of course!):

Nah, yall cant get the middle name
Nah, yall cant get the middle name


I wasn’t expecting a message like this at all. Honestly had no idea which rock bottom I’ve swooped her from or how much my little efforts meant to her. But it sure felt good to hear it. Give love like a free handout. Send that card, that letter, those flowers, just because. When you need it most, your investment will come back to you! Believe that!




So, as you go along your merry way, put aside a little bit of everything. Save up, invest, be rainy day ready!





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Roconia (Ro) of Eversoroco is a 23 year old wordsmith & Comma Queen who aims to live a life of authenticity & creativity while trying not to bore you in the process. Find her on the insta, twitter, or check out her blog!

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