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So I recently discovered a new brand called Pure Body Culture owned by a lovely lady named Sharie, that makes inexpensive, all hand made natural body products. I saw that she was a small business and immediately wanted to show some support. So I contacted her about what she recommended as a first time buyer and tried some of her suggestions. She recommended a few of the products above and threw in a few extras which was really nice of her and totally unexpected. Thanks Sharie! Also all of the products are freshly made as soon as you order them. You also have the option to request a custom order where everything is made just for you.

In my package I receive the Coconut Island Lip Quench, Oh Sugar Honey Lemon- Body Scrub, Mint To Be Lavender Body Wash, and the Key Lime Pie Shea Butter Cream.

The first thing I noticed was how cute the packaging was! Everything was wrapped in their own little boxes and labeled, it also came with a list of all of the products as well as the ingredients in each product. (The fact that I could pronounce everything was a good sign) *chuckles*

The first thing I tried was the Coconut Lip Quencher and I was very impressed! It glided across my lips like butter, and the smell was very light and not overly obnoxious like some lip products. It left my lips moisturized but not greasy feeling. No more chapped lips for me!



I then tried the Oh Sugar  Honey Lemon Body Scrub  I was thinking that this was going to be another harsh body scrub and with my sensitive skin and eczema that just wasn’t going to work. The smell quickly caught my attention. It wasn’t too over bearing, but light and citrus-y with a semi-sweet smell. It was gentle enough that it didn’t hurt, but rough enough to remove the dead skin. I definitely noticed how soft and smooth this left my skin once I rinsed it off.



Then I moved on to the Mint To Be Lavender Body Wash which may I add was absolutely amazing! The smell is very strong, and very peppermint-y, If you don’t like minty smelling things then this one is not for you. I’m not a big fan of body washes because most of them do not lather to my liking, however this one lathers like no other! Two squirts and I was good to go. My whole bathroom ended up smelling like peppermint which did not bother me one bit! It also left a nice minty smell on my skin which I love.


Lastly I used the Key Lime Pie  Shea Butter Cream can I just say that this was everything and more! It has definitely replaced my Vitamin E body oil that I use faithfully. (I will be stocking up on the butter creams very soon!) It was thick yet  easy to apply. Its sort of greasy at first but after a few minutes the greasiness goes away. It doesn’t smell overly perfume-y like most body creams/butters, but rather soft and pleasant and it smells just like a key lime pie. (Mmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it) This left my skin feeling soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. If you have really dry skin like I do I highly recommend you try the Butter Creams.



So what’s a good review without some negatives right? The only downside was the shipping. There were some issues, however Sharie was very professional and acted quickly to ensure that I received my products.

Would I recommend these products? Yes

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items above check out her site Here  She’s also having a “Christmas in July” sale going on now, so stop buy and see if anything tickles your fancy.


You can also check out her Facebook page where she post discounts and giveaways Here

Also be sure to check her out on Pinterest as well Here


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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I was in no way influenced by the opinions of the owner. Nor was I paid for this review.


Hope you all enjoyed!




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