October Goals..

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I am all about setting goals. Personally I think I work better when I set goals for myself. So I will be setting monthly goals and as I complete each goal I’ll cross them off. Then the next month I’ll tell you guys how it went as well as goals for the next month.

Here are my goals for October!

  • Post 2 quality post a week
  • Take better quality photos
  • Post more on social media
  • Update my “About Me” section- I actually started on it today. Its still a work in progress & I still need a photo *Digs through selfies* Check it out here and tell me what you think!  <I’m still missing a photo lol, but I’ll mark it off anyway>
  • Do at least one collaboration that is fashion or beauty related <Collab currently in the works YAY!> (Interested in doing a collab let me know)
  • Communicate with more people in the blogging community
  • Have at least one guest blog post (Btw if your are interested in being a guest blogger fill out the information here with your name and your blog name and tell me a little bit about yourself and your blog) *Blog should be Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle related*

Hope you enjoyed! What are your goals for this month?

Be sure to leave your Instagram| Twitter| Bloglovin| Facebook names below and I’ll be sure to follow you.

See ya soon!




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