My Everyday Makeup Essentials

I posted this photo on IG  a few weeks ago and one of my favorite bloggers Minnie came up with the idea and inspired me to do this post.

These are my Everyday Makeup Essentials. Also everything mentioned is under $10 each.

IMG_0608Out of all of the brushes I own these are the only 4 I use. The E.L.F Powder brush I use for blending in my concealers, the Bronzer Brush from EBay I use for contouring my face. The E.L.F Eye shadow  Brush I use for blending in my highlight as well as eye shadow, and my Crease Brush I use for blending the contour on my nose as well as the eye shadow in my crease.
IMG_0613One of my fav pair of lashes. If I’m not wearing these I’m wearing the individual lashes (which are a pain in the butt to put on) great if you’re going for the “natural” look.
I use the H.I.P Intense Liner 2 ways. The first way is I dip this in my gel eyeliner to use in my water line. (I wipe the black liner off after every use) The second way is to use it to fill in my brows, which matches my eyebrows perfectly!

My most fav inexpensive eyeliner would have to be the E.L.F Liquid Liner in black. For the longest I didn’t wear eye liner. I would just put on my lashes and that was that. Then I discovered the elf liquid liner and now I’m wondering why I never wore liquid liner in the first place. IMG_0618I actually bought this from my local beauty supply store. For $1.99 it works pretty well (after awhile it starts to fade) and its an intense black. Don’t think I’ll purchase it again, but it works for now.
IMG_0634On those days when I want a brown smokey eye I go for these two eye shadows from Coastal Scents Oatmeal Tan on the lid, Light Taupe as the transitional shade and Espresso by Mary Kay (shown below) in the crease.
IMG_0635IMG_0638As far as concealers go these two by L.A Girl cosmetics are hands down my two favorite! I use Beautiful bronze to conceal and Toast to highlight my under eye area. Great quality and coverage for a concealer that only cost $1.99IMG_0614This highlighter gives me that sun kissed look even when the sun isn’t out haha.  Just the right about of highlight without making me look like I dived face first in glitter.
IMG_0639This has been my go to bronzer for the past year. I think this is my third one. This is the only bronzer I’ve found that contours my face without making me look ashy. Trust me you don’t want that!
IMG_0610I’ve been into the whole nude-ish brown lip trend lately and these two are the perfect combo for achieving that. I use cappuccino to line my lips and mocha to fill them in and it gives the most perfect brownish nude shade. Ugh I love it!

These are my Everyday Makeup Essentials, what are yours???

Hope you guys enjoyed!

See ya soon!



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