instagram round up

Instagram Roundup

Instagram is one of my favorite go to places to find inspiration. These five IG baddies always stand out. Whether you are looking fashion, beauty or overall lifestyle inspiration these girls have you covered.
instagram round up amrezy

Amrezy is the ultimate IG baddie. Known for her killer highlight and snatched waist she is a force to be reckoned with.

instagram round up Nicholelynel

Nichole Lynel was once the founder of House of Chic LA, but has since branched off to do her own fashion line Nichole Lynel which is named after her. Her Instagram is full of inspiration for us aspiring girl bosses as well as looks from her own line.

instagram round up Aureta

I honestly can’t remember how I found Aureta, but I have been glued to her page ever since. If you’re into the more artistic style then her page will give you life. Some of her images are a bit risqué, but who cares right?

instagram round up Layllahstyle

My favorite Instagram sisters goes to Layllahstyle. Atlanta based bloggers who are KILLING the game. Their style is more minimalistic with a hint of glamour. There aesthetic alone will make you hit follow.

instagram round up Yanie Redd

For my more curvy girls who are looking for some fashion inspiration, look no further than Yanie Redd. She gives you curves, booty and fierceness. She also promotes living a more healthy lifestyle while still loving your body.

Instagram Roundup

Who are your favorite IG baddies? Leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: All images were found on Instagram.



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