e.l.f Has Skincare?!

So as I was doing my normal scrolling around on e.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) ya know checking to see if they had anything new and lo and behold they have a skincare line coming out! *Gasp* So when I saw this I immediately had to check it out and so far I’m impressed! So impressed that I am pre ordering 5 out of the 11 products listed on their site.  Can you guess which 5 I plan on ordering? Also I found out that they are only releasing 4 items later this month. The items that are the most pre ordered will be for sale at the end of January and I’m guessing they’ll just release the others at a later date. So, what do you think about e.l.f having a skincare line? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Will you be pre ordering anything?

elfskincare2  See ya soon!



  1. When I read the title I had to read it again. I was just as surprised as you to find out that e.l.f is now selling skincare. You have to do a review once you get the items.

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