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Current Reads

Current reads

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you totally should *wink, wink* then you know that my blog schedule has changed from Monday/Wednesday to Tuesday & Thursday.

On to my Current Reads

This year I made a promise to myself that I would read at least one book a month, however I skipped this month because I really wasn’t feeling inspired. So I went to my go to place for books, and Dollar Tree (don’t sleep on dollar tree they have AMAZING books) I bought O’s Big Book of Happiness by and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode from Dollar Tree for only $1!

Okay so lets talk about for a sec

I discovered it a few years ago while I was searching for text books, but never really thought anything of it. is one of the best places to get used and even new books for a fraction of the price. The other four books were between $0.75 and 12.75 each! That’s a steal in my book.

I also have a list of books that I want to read before the end of the year here if you’re interested.


current reads

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People– Dale Carnegie
  2. The Secret– Rhonda Bryne
  3. God Where is My Boaz– Stephan Labossiere
  4. Smart Women Finish Rich– David Bach
  5. Say Goodbye to Survival Mode- Crystal Pain
  6. O’s Big Book of Happiness- Oprah Winfrey

I also found The Reading Tag on Shirley B. Eniang’s latest blog post so I thought I would share my answers.

1. Do you have a certain place for reading?

I prefer my bedroom, or anywhere that’s really quiet

2. Bookmark or a random piece of paper?

Random piece of paper or anything I can find really

3. Can you stop reading anytime you want or do have to stop at a certain page, chapter,part etc.?

I usually stop reading on an even number page, not quite sure why

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

I usually have a cup of tea

5. Can you read while listening to music/watching tv?

Noooooo I don’t like to be distracted

6. One book at the time of several at once?

One book at a time

7. Reading out loud or silently in your head?


8. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Depends on the book, if it’s a self help book I tend to skip pages 

9. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I like to keep it looking new

10. Do you write in books?

Sometimes all depends on the book, I’m really big on highlighting

What are some books you recommend?



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