August Goals

Geez I cant believe its already August. We literally have four months lefts in 2015!

So lets talk about last months goal. To see that post click HERE

I mentioned a few things like Being Consistent, Trying something new, Reading a Book, and Starting my Blog Planner.

So how did I do? Well lets just say I still haven’t found a book to read although some of you gave great suggestions I’m still on the hunt.

I did however try something new. I applied for a job that I thought was WAYYY out of my league and they actually called me for an interview. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

As far as starting my blog planner weeellll to be honest I haven’t even started on it. I’m more of a go with the flow kinda gal and I just like blogging when I feel like it. Although I am going to start blogging on certain days I’ll just stick to writing down my ideas and schedule in my iPhone.


For August I have a few things in mind.

  • To meet more bloggers/network more– There’s not a whole lot of bloggers in Alabama (well in my area) but since I’m only 45 minutes from both Birmingham and Atlanta I’m sure I will run across a few, and if not there’s always twitter and instagram which is where I’ve met most of my blogger friends. Because no one knows the struggle of a blogger except for another blogger.
  • Find a Job– Because being broke is not cool
  • Write a newsletter– Its actually harder than I thought creating a newsletter. It would only be a once a month thing but it would include lots of cool stuff. I want to do giveaways, include things that you probably wont see on the blog and just get to know you guys more.
  • Get back to posting videos on my YouTube channel– Yes I have a YouTube channel lol. I actually started YouTube in 2008 but I never stuck with it.


That’s it for my August Goals. What are some of your goals for this month?

May August bring you Good Health, More Money, Fleeky Eyebrows, and Clear Skin!







  • Reply delilah August 10, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Hey Britney!
    I am also a struggling fashion blogger from Alabama. My old blog was called LaLa’s world but I started a new one called lilaholic and I moved to WordPress. Email me sometimes I would love to network!

    • Reply August 11, 2015 at 6:44 am

      Lookout for an email sometime today 🙂

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