aldi grocery haul

ALDI Grocery Haul

Whether you’re a college student on a budget like me or a family of 4, ALDI has every thing you need at an affordable price.

Looking for healthy options? Not a problem, ALDI has a wide array of health options to choose from. Including their fresh fruits and vegetables that are organic and locally grown. They also have a product line of gluten free items called liveGfree.

If you are a wine lover like myself they have a wide variety to choose from including Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sparkling wine, Cabernet and many more. My personal favorite is the Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling.

A bit more about ALDI.

ALDI has their own unique style when it comes to grocery shopping. And being unique has helped make them become one of the fastest growing retailers in the US. Since ALDI has their own select premium brands you save up to 50% each time you shop.

You can also bring your own bags while shopping at ALDI. Everything they do from their smaller, energy-saving stores to recycled bags and cartons capture the very essence of conservation. As a result, you can save up to 50% on the majority of your needs.

ALDI brands are also made of the same, or even higher, quality than national brands. Plus, they’re backed by their Double Guarantee. So you can be sure you and your family will trust ALDI brands for delicious satisfaction.

Let’s talk about some of my favorites from this haul shall we?

First off, the strawberry applesauce is to die for. I don’t think I’ve tasted anything like it. Also the Caesar salad kit is the best thing since sliced bread. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? All of the items below are my go to things when I’m on a tight budget. Luckily I have all the essentials such as milk, eggs, butter, water etc at home.
aldi grocery haul

ALDI grocery haul

aldi grocery haul

aldi grocery haul

Altogether I spent $55.45 before taxes, after taxes my total came to $60.99. I stayed under budget ($65) and bought everything I needed.

If you want great food at amazing prices give ALDI a try during your next grocery store trip.

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Let me know if you like grocery store hauls and I’ll be sure to do more in the future. Also I know the lighting is not the best, but I’m working on that now for future blog posts.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by ALDI. Everything was purchased with my on money. All opinions,  thoughts and photos are my own. However, if ALDI would like to sponsor me in future that would be great! I did also research a bit about ALDI so that I could provide accurate information. 



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