A few of my favorite things

A Few of My Favorite Things + Met Gala 2017

A few of my favorite things

Songs: Emmy Rossum- Slow me down

I first heard this song my senior year of high school and I’m still obsessed with it.

Blogs: Eversoroco, The Alma Chronicle, and newly discovered CetteDame

Whether Im looking for fashion, beauty or life style posts these are the first three blogs that’s I gravitate too.

Food: Salads


A few of my favorite thingsI always joke with my mom and say when I die bury me inside a chicken Caesar salad, or any salad to be honest. I get a few questions about how I lost 55 pounds in 8 months (which I’m currently making a blog post about now) and the secret is salads along with a few other things. Which I’ll talk about in another blog post.

Books: The Four Agreements changed my life in more ways than one. It taught me that what people say about you is more of a reflection of them than it is of you, so you should never take thing so personal.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is still til this day on my top five favorite books to read. The 10,000 hour rule, (my favorite chapter) basically states it takes 10,000 hours to be great at something. When I read this book I was going through a rough period where I felt unmotivated to do anything and this chapter really taught me to keep working.

Podcasts: Myleik Teele’s Podcast, and  Chrystal Evan Hurst

I love them both for different reasons, but when I need to get my ish together I come to my big sis (in my head) Myleik and she gets me ALL THE WAY together!

When’s I need some spiritual encouragement I look no further than Chrystal who always tells it like it is, but also provides motivation and practical tips for living a better Christian life.

Met Gala 2017

This year’s Met gala theme is Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons. To be completely honest a lot of the Hollywood stars completely missed them mark. Instead, most of the Hollywood stars wore plain gowns. BORING!

Now there are a few that sort of caught my attention such as Rihanna, who hands down was last nights best dressed.

Also Kerry Washington, Lori Harvey, Zendaya and Janelle Monae really did not come to play, they came to SLAY! When I tell you my edges left the building! Girl I’m still looking for them *lol*

a few of my favorite things + met gala a few of my favorite things + met gala a few of my favorite things + met gala a few of my favorite things + met gala

Look at Serena Williams and this pregnancy glow!

a few of my favorite things + met gala

Now I couldn’t forget the men who came out looking like a whole Sunday meal. For instance The Migos really outdid themselves, and Michael (Bae) Jordan in this plaid suit, Whew!

What did you think of last nights Met Gala? Also what are some of your favorite things? Talk to me in the comments below.

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