8 Must Have Shoes for spring

8 Must Have Shoes for Spring!

Spring is here so I thought I would share with you my Eight Must Haves Shoes for Spring. Starting with the Strappy Heel. Strappy heels are a on trend right now and a must for the spring and summer. They add a chic and effortless vibe to any outfit.

Next are Mules! Mules are coming back in style and I couldn’t be more happy. You can dress them up with a LBD or dress them down with boyfriend jeans and an oversized shirt and still look amazing!

Then we have the Platform. Platform heels are on of my personal favorites for when I want to run a few errands but still look cute while doing it (and yes I wear heels to run errands don’t judge me, judge yourself.) These also can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

Next are the classic Pumps. Pumps are an essential to any woman’s wardrobe in any season, but especially spring. Pumps can make the most simple outfit look amazing. If you don’t like the regular pumps try the lace up pump shown in the slideshow above.[ms_slider id=”2945″ class=””]
Pink Mules//Strappy Heels//Red Pumps//Ballerina Pumps//Nude Platform

Now moving on to Boots! Ankle boots are definitely a must have in the spring although you can wear them year round. Maybe not in the summer, but to each its own I guess. Ankle boots can spice up almost any outfit, also I’m really diggin’ this timberland style platform boot “trend” am I the only one?

Pastel Pink Chunky Boot//Black Cylinder High Heel Boot//Snake Print Boot//Denim Bootie

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Next up Sneakers! Now this one I was hesitate about because sneakers aren’t my personal fav, but I’m starting to warm up to them a bit and now that I spotted some that tickle my fancy I thought I’d mention them. Are you a sneaker fan? I’m thinking about doing a blog post on how I would style sneakers, anyone interested?
Mauve Sneakers//Denim Platform Sneakers//Denim Bow Sneaker Slides//Multicolored Sneakers//White Sneakers

Almost finish, are you still with me? I hope so! Next up Thigh High Boots. I probably know what you’re thinking ‘thigh high boots in the spring?’ Yes! Here’s why, I’m not sure where some of you live but in the south it gets a wee bit chilly during spring and wellllll I just really like thigh high boots. Enough said. Moving on!
Lace up thigh high heels//Black and White Grid Boot//Metallic Thigh High Boot

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Last but not least we have Sandals/Slides! Sandals and Slides are a Spring Must Have for obvious reasons.

  1. They are cute
  2. They provide an effortless look to any outfit and
  3. They are easy to take on and off on a warm spring day. I’m currently loving the faux fur slides trend going on.

My grandma even told me she had a pair back in her day, talk about a major throwback.

White Squiggly Slides//Pink Bow Slides//Gladiator Sandals//Suede Wrap Flats//Faux Fur Slides//White Embroidered Flats//Pink Bow Slides

What are your thoughts? What are some trends you are loving at the moment? Lets chat in the comments below! Links to everything above.


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