7 Things You Should Do Before You Check Social Media

7 things you should do before you get on social media!

7 Things You Should Do Before You Check Social Media

These days we all have our phone glued to our hand and if we don’t have it in our hand it’s only an arm length away.

You wake up and what’s the first thing you do? Check your phone. You check your messages, check to see if anyone liked your newest photo on Instagram and the list goes on and on.

But before you check your social media you should do things that will actually benefit you. So I’ve come up with the 7 Things You Should Do Before You Check Your Social Media. In no particular order


Pray_Meditate1.Pray/Meditate- Take at least 5-10 minutes and do something that’s actually good for you. Tune into nature, say a prayer do something that will have a positive effect on your day. 

something inspirational

2. Read your Bible/Something Inspirational- It doesn’t matter whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or you simply don’t accept a religion. Reading something inspirational in general opens up the mind to positivity. 

Download an app just for inspiration so everyday when you go to look at your phone you’ll see something positive. 

Believe it or not your mind sets the tone for how your day will go. If you let your mind think negative then you’re already setting yourself up for failure, but when you think positive the universe has a way of making things go in your favor! 

3. Use the bathroom- I mean that’s just common sense right, but I bet you don’t do it. So put that phone down and go empty that bladder!
  positive things
4. Think about 5 positive things- it’s easy to always think negative. I’m sure I could think of something negative right now. 
It gets worse once you get on social media and see all of these people flashing their shiny new cars and throwing around money like confetti.
 So before you even think about how “bad” your life is just think about all the good things you’ve got going on. You will be surprised at how much better your day will be when you start thinking positive thoughts.

Also practicing gratitude even when you feel you have nothing to be grateful for. Just remember if you are still breathing, then you have something to be thankful for.

drink water
5. Drink a cup of tea/water/coffee- Get hydrated. Nothing like a cold glass of water or a cup of caffeine to get you going in the morning.
 Planner 6. Plan for the day- Nothing feels better than feeling productive and getting sh*t done! (Well I could think of a few things better than that) but I’ll save that for another day. Make a list, check some things off of your list, do the things you don’t want to do, but you know you really need to do.
We all have the same 24 hours, if you want things to change in your life then you have to take a step back from social media and put in some work! Good things don’t come to those who wait, but to those who work their butts off!
Brush your teeth7. Brush your teeth- Maybe this one should have been first, but Before you go on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or whatever else you use. Brush your teeth!
Just remember before you go on Social Media talking sh*t make sure your breath doesn’t smell like it 🙂
 What do you do before you check your Social Media? Or is that the first thing you do everyday?
The Broke Black Chick


  • Reply Linda @ forty dating. April 29, 2015 at 10:39 am

    Leave your phone at home, switch off the TV and the computer and just be.

    • Reply thebrokeblackchick@gmail.com April 29, 2015 at 10:46 am

      That’s an even better idea! Unfortunately my phone stays attached to my hand

  • Reply Carrie LeBlanc April 29, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    This is great. I try to always do some of these things first thing but forget once in awhile. Great write. 🙂

    • Reply thebrokeblackchick@gmail.com April 29, 2015 at 10:08 pm

      Sometimes i forget too! I don’t beat myself up about it though. Thanks for reading 🙂

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