cheap matte lipsticks

2 matte lipsticks + 1 lipgloss under $5

Top left: is actually a combination of the Broadway Colors matte lipstick in the color 14 and glitter. I thought I would you show an alternative way to jazz up your lipstick. I used gold and silver cosmetic glitter, dabbed a little bit all over my lips and viola! One tip I’ll add is to put it on your lips while the lipstick is still a little wet.

Top right: L’Oréal Hip High Intensity lip gloss in the color Arresting bought this one from CVS awhile ago when they had their buy one get on half off sale. Super creamy, the smell is a very strong candy like smell but the color payoff is amazing. I believe they were only $4.99. Unfortunately they are discontinued but I found some on Amazon

Bottom left: I fell in love with this matte lipstick in the color Outer Space when I first laid eyes on it. It’s from a brand I recently discovered, Nicka K Cosmetics. They have a line of ultra matte lipsticks that are amazing! Super pigmented, long lasting and only $2.99 I also have them in 4 other colors. Also you can find these in most of your local beauty supply stores as well.

Bottom right: I recently picked this one up from dollar general it’s the Broadway colors matte lipstick in the color 14 super pigmented as well for it to only be $1 although it’s not long lasting it’s definitely worth trying.

Which one is your favorite? & Have you tried any of these? Leave a comment below!



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