1 instagram secret you need to know

1 Instagram Secret You Need to Know

I recently shared this tip in a business Facebook group that I’m in. It literally was my biggest post to date and also my most helpful one. So I thought I would share it with you guys. Instagram is definitely changing the game. You can easily find thousands of tips on how to get more engagement or more followers, but the one thing that no one is really talking about is how to make tagging your pictures easier to reach a wider audience.

1 Instagram Secret You Need to Know

Above is a video for iPhone users, I’m not sure if its available for android but I’m sure if you play around with the settings you could find something similar.

By using the replacement text feature in your settings it cuts down time on having to type out each tag in every single post. Simply go to your settings>general>text replacement>add the tags that you want in the phrase section (I personally have tags for different things such as Beauty tags, Food tags, Lifestyle tags etc.)> Then in the shortcut field replace it by typing “Tag1” for example. Next time you get on Instagram all you have to do to add tags is simply type out “Tag1” and the hashtags that you created will show up.

It only takes a minute or two to set up, but it will save you the tedious task of having to type out each hashtag in every post.

What’s one of your Instagram Secrets? Also be sure to follow me on Instagram.


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