Best Puffer Jackets Under $200

best puffer jackets under $200

It officially feels like winter outside, which means its time to bring out all of the coats and jackets you can find. Recently everyone has been obsessed over the puffer jackets. Now puffer jackets have been a hood staple for as long as I can remember, not to mention one of the warmest jackets I've ever worn. Its kinda like walking around in a sleeping bag, but a more fashionable one *lol*. With a variety of colors and styles to suit just about everyone's taste. I've rounded up some of the best puffer jackets under $200. Also @Trapezoidmouth on IG has here own online store Lumi Luxury. Where she is serving winter baddie vibes such as the photo above all winter 2017. So go check her out. Best Puffer Jackets Under $200 &lt;br /&gt;<br /> Disclaimer: I do not own the…

November 20, 2017